Super Sad to Say Goodbye to the Highlands Farmer’s Market! (but Hello Union Station!)

March 2, 2016

For almost ten years, the HUNI (Highlands United Neighborhood Inc.) has been putting on the Highland Farmer’s Market every summer on Saturdays on Boulder Street in front of Loa, Maci’s and Vita.  The market grew year-over year in the beginning, but numbers have diminished in the last three years with the construction of the Line 28 Apartments and the condos at 15th and Boulder Streets.

In addition, there’s also a weekend Farmer’s Market in West Highland on Sundays.

However, it is exciting to hear that another farmer’s market at Union Station was announced – one that focuses exclusively on food, that will run both Saturdays and Sundays.

Farmers Market

With change comes new and exciting things. The Boulder County Farmer’s Markets organization is teaming with Union Station to bring its essential growers-only philosophy to Denver.  Last October, this test pilot harvest market came to Union Station and it was amazing market; full of shoppers which reminded me of a big city farmer’s market (which we are becoming).  This pilot market featured farmers, bakeries, restaurants and providers of prepared and packaged food — that attracted approximately 1700 visitors that day!

This market will foster a strong sense of community and sturdy relationships between producers and buyers; the Boulder County Farmers’ Markets organization has helped dozens of small and organic farmers stay in business over the 29 years of its existence.

So, please put this down on your calendars:  the regular Saturday market will begin on June 4th and continue every Saturday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. until October 24 on the north side of Wynkoop Plaza at 17th and Wynkoop streets……which happens to be right across the street from my office:  Kentwood City Properties.  YAY!


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