Amazing Sushi in Lohi – – And a Modern Japanese Pub Coming Soon!

February 9, 2016

By: Jan Nelsen

I’ve had the pleasure of dining three times at the new Sushi Ronin on Umatilla Street –  a great, hip Sushi restaurant that happens to be right across the street from my townhome. (Trouble). The sushi is incredibly fresh and the chef is renowned – worked at Sushi Den and at Sushi Sasa.  While it is quite expensive, especially if you order the specials, it’s a fun experience.  Love the décor of the restaurant and look forward to those warm, summer evenings on their patio.

What’s very exciting to me is Hong Jian Lee, who operates East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi in Westminster is opening an “Izakaya- like” restaurant in Lohi called Mizu –  not quite sure of the exact location as it hasn’t been disclosed.  In truth, I’m really not the big raw fish eater as I used to be, which is why I am looking forward to a concept that is laid-back, centered on tapas-like appetizers, some noodle dishes and some skewers.  YUM!

I’m always open to a casual neighborhood hangout where you can take out as well as eat in.  As for Mizu’s atmosphere – the same architects who designed Izakaya Denver are designing Mizu.  Jeff Sheppard of Roth Sheppard, a local firm.

Mizu – coming this Spring……


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